Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twenty-Something Resolutions for Twenty-Somethings

Image courtesy of myself...for once...kind of proud
  1. Frame a photo, don’t InstaGram it
  2. Wish your friends a “happy birthday” on the phone, not on their wall
  3. Leave your phone off or at home during dinner
  4. Trade in an energy drink for a juice drink
  5. Buy something because you need it, not because you saw an ad for it
  6. Walk down the street without headphones
  7. Read the news...any way you can
  8. Make a charitable donation, especially if it's your time
  9. Forget the names of of reality show stars, remember the names of the people you meet
  10. If you want to make a change, make a plan, don’t just send a Tweet
  11. Make it a goal to never appear on Texts From Last Night, do try to appear on Damn You Autocorrect
  12. Replace the following words and phrases in your vocabulary:
    1. Kim Kardashian with South Sudan
    2. Paris Hilton with The European Debt Crisis
    3. Lindsey Lohan with Gabrielle Giffords
    4. Real Housewives with National Geographic; it is essentially the same programming with rational behavior
    5. The Jersey Shore cast with actual Italians such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Frank Sinatra, and Sophia Loren
    6. Perez Hilton with NPR
  13. Engage in conversation about politics, sex and money
  14. Read the ingredient labels on food you buy, be skeptical of unregulated advertising lingo
  15. Learn to spell without autocorrect
  16. Research a question you have, don’t just ask Siri to Google it for you
  17. Read a book, not a blog (I acknowledge the irony of reading this on a blog)
  18. Make friends with someone who is different than you without sending a friend request
  19. Ask someone on a date over the phone, not in a message
  20. Aspire to never be “that guy/girl”
  21. Delete Internet Explorer from your parents computers and install Google Chrome (they’ll end up thanking you later)
  22. Work hard for the things you want
  23. Join a club, not a social network
  24. Talk to someone at a bar, don’t just find out who is there on Foursquare
  25. Take a vacation